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Chef Michael Johnson

Chef Michael Johnson

Born and raised in the heart of the British countryside, amid an abundance of wild fruits, fresh vegetables, rivers filled with line-caught fish, and cows producing fresh milk and butter daily, Chef Michael Johnson's passion for food and love of cooking truly began. 


At the age of 13, Michael started washing up at one of the oldest pubs in the UK — eventually working his way up to Head Chef. As a young, determined chef, Michael continued his career in the hotel and restaurant industry, working through the ranks of some of the most renowned kitchens in the UK, including Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury 5-star hotels.

With an extensive knowledge of food, and a keen eye for precision and details, Michael has prepared meals at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. By 27, Michael landed the coveted position as Development Chef for British Airways, designing the menus for first-class passengers. Most recently, Michael worked as the Executive Chef at a luxury 5-star resort in the Caribbean.

Today, Michael is traveling the world as a private chef. He is taking his cooking skills and bringing the luxury of fine dining straight to your home. Whether you're vacationing abroad or celebrating moments at home with friends and family, Chef Michael is dedicated to delivering only the highest fine dining experience.


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